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Learnings Online as an online Quran academy has a physical presence in Pakistan since last 12 years. Our Quran online University brings teachers & students interested in learning Quran or Tajveed or Arabic language all together via the internet, through utilizing programs specially designed to learn Quran/Tajveed/Arabic. You cannot find university with such qualities anywhere. We do secure video conferencing/ audio dialing with 100% security. Secure application on which you can rely.

We provide online Quran tutors in such efficient way that our student gets their desired results as well as inner satisfaction. Online Quran academy teaches how to learn Quran online whether if someone desires to be a hafiz or want to learn Quran online in Nazra with Tajveed. Our innovative solution for Quran online works every digital platform i.e. Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Our solution for online Quran learning is most Modern & Innovative programs especially to help you study the Holy Quran at your own home. Student would be taught under the supervision of qualified teacher and we call is as Teacher Supervised Study.

Why you should consider using our service to learn Quran online.

1. We have removed the time synchronization error by building dynamic platform to learn Quran online. Thanks to to new digital world you can have this learning from anywhere and anytime you want regardless how far your time zones are. We work 24/7 to ensure our services.

3. We have developed the platform in way that you don’t need internet all the time. First to will be taught how to learn Quran online and then you will be given task by our supervisors so you can have proper exercise at home.

5. Your progress is always saving with us. We made a course in a efficient way that you can track your performance related to assignments. Online Quran teachers keep a registry for each student and records of progress of assignment progress history. This helps us in determining progress of student. This registry maps the location of student’s mistake on Quran pages, accompanied by teacher’s remarks, & student’s response in attempt to correct mistakes.

7. Quran University adopts a unique approach to calculate teacher-supervised study fees based upon how much time the student consumes from teacher’s schedule.

learn Quran and read Quran with proper pronunciation, punctuation and interpretation. feel free to contact for 7-days free trail classes.

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